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Brand Advice, Insight, Education & Design

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Welcome to Wavelength

Brand advice, insight, education & design specialists

We help service brands craft superior experiences that deliver measurable brand marketing returns. That's our niche and primary goal. We do this through the brand advice, insight, education and design we provide.  Unlike other agencies we don't focus solely on design or communications. We take a broader perspective on brand.  

We focus on helping service brands because they face unique brand management challenges. We understand how to address these challenges.  We're also asked to comment on other niche topics such as place branding or "Brand Britain" by the media. 

Our team is unified by a specific aim. To drive our clients' brand performance. Doing this isn't easy so a simple philosophy underpins all our branding work. You need to understand your clients' emotions. You need to understand them. This means you need to be on their wavelength.

Brand logo, name or an advertising strap line. This tends to be the prevailing marketing mindset.

These are important but we don't approach brand from the outside in. We take a look at the big picture. We frequently engage human resource, finance and other departments in our work so the brand is built from within. We then engage with external stakeholders who interact with the brand. 

This approach helps us consider the brand challenges our clients face from different and unexpected angles. It also enables us to deliver more robust, rounded and innovative brand solutions. We strive to reveal the exception. Not the norm.  

Adopting a holistic approach to crafting brand experiences is more important than ever before.  Meaningful brand experiences drive differentiation, emotional engagement and competitive advantage. We craft such experiences for our clients.



Brand advice, insight, education and design that drive brand performance.

Brand Advice

Our clients wrestle with a range of brand marketing issues. These are just a few we've helped them with. 

  • Brand definition and understanding
  • Formulating brand strategy
  • Facilitating brand engagement 
  • Brand building (not just logo creation)
  • Crafting brand experiences 
  • Brand (re) positioning 
  • Brand management
  • Brand architecture
  • Integrating brand communications
  • Developing brand metrics

The list is diverse. Our approach consistent.

First we make sure we really understand the issues clients want us to address. Then we go away to think or obtain relevant brand insight. We develop a range of options. We pull these options apart. We challenge them. We question them. We put them back together. Once we're happy we share them with you in a pragmatic and no nonsense manner.  We then work with you to implement our recommendations. Our work isn't done until this happens.

If you'd like to learn more about Wavelength's brand advice can help your brand why not get in touch?

Brand Insight

Clients tend to approach us when they're facing specific brand marketing problems.  These frequently require clarification and refinement so we can identify and address the core issues. Previous insight engagements have helped clients address the following questions: 

  • How can we measure brand performance?
  • How is our brand positioned?
  • How can we measure employee engagement?
  • Which brand should our new product sit under?
  • Which segments should we target?
  • How can I show brand is driving financial performance?
  • What factors drive relative customer satisfaction?
  • Will an increase in brand loyalty reduce price sensitivity?

To address specific questions we employ a range of advanced research methods. Advanced (inferential) statistical modeling, focus groups, projective techniques or informal observation to name a few. We're comfortable with any. It's the method that fits the research brief. Not vice versa.

By utilising multiple methods we impart robust and defensible brand insight. This helps our clients make strategic decisions with greater confidence whilst reducing brand-related risk

We've conducted some interesting brand performance research recently. We're happy to share it with you here.

If you'd like to learn how Wavelength's brand insight can help your brand why not get in touch?

Brand Education

The brand education programmes we deliver span a range of topics; brand definition, brand development, brand strategy, brand planning, brand metrics, brand management, branding for HR professionals, segmentation, brand positioning, product development, experiential branding, brand insight and customer profiling are just a few. 

Our education programmes are delivered via key note talks, half-day workshops and a range of Masterclasses which last between one and five days. We have also developed complete marketing curriculums that are endorsed by professional bodies for corporate clients who wish to enhance levels of marketing knowledge across the entire marketing function. 

More frequently clients approach us with skills they want to develop in their business. We then work with them to develop bespoke training which does just that.

We're facilitators of knowledge transfer. The means to the end. Not the end. It may take longer but the value is greater.

By adopting this approach we've helped clients gain a deeper understanding of how they can build their brand, enhance internal brand engagement, reposition their brand, craft their brand experience or even align a portfolio of brands. This can be complicated, but it's valuable work.

If you'd like to learn more about Wavelength's brand education programmes why not get in touch?

Brand Design

Organisations frequently approach us and ask us for a “new brand” or “brand refresh”.  

What they really want is a new website, logo, brochure or other of brand marketing collateral.  Yes, these are important but they’re only part of the brand design puzzle.

Before brand design can start you need to have a brand. Values, essence, promise, positioning and a host of other factors must be articulated at this stage.  Once these have been clarified we bring your brand to life through design. 

Bringing a brand to life across a number of touch points involves classical visual design in the form of logos, font, website and such like. 

At Wavelength we take a broader view. Design also encompasses employee behaviour, communications, the built environment and even multisensory cues (music, touch, taste and scent) at key touch points along the customer journey. This is how we craft consistent and engaging brand experiences.  

In the past we've helped clients with:

  • Logo design
  • Digital experiences (web, mobile and tablet)
  • Full visual identity development
  • Built environments
  • Print (brochures, reports, internal communications)

If you'd like to learn more about Wavelength's approach to brand design can help your brand why not get in touch?


Dr. Darren Coleman
Managing Consultant

Darren is the founder of Wavelength Marketing. He has over fifteen years brand marketing experience. This spans B2B, B2C, goods, services, places, digital (mobile / fixed)  in the UK, continental / Eastern Europe,  Middle East, Japan and South East Asia.  

He's helped organisations such as Orange (UK and Group), Nikon, Standard Life, Zurich, BUPA, Dubai Properties Group and The Department for Business Innovation and Skills address a range of brand related issues. These issues relate to brand definition, development, experience creation, positioning and moving into new markets to name a few.

The unique combination of brand knowledge and a robust research background enables Darren to solve complex brand issues and reduce brand related risk for our clients.  Darren is a visiting lecturer in Brand Management at the University of Birmingham, England. 


Darren frequently speaks at international marketing conferencesspeaks in the media, sits on industry panels and is a chartered marketer who holds BA (Hons), MA, PhD as well as a Professional Postgraduate Marketing Diploma. 

Outside work he's pretty active. Mountain biking, tennis, yoga, scuba diving, digital deejaying, motor boating and international travel are some of the things he loves. Following Birmingam City Football Club is another of Darren's passions - but the less said about that the better. darren@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk

Samantha Neal
Creative Director

Samantha’s career spans 19 years in the design industry, starting in London working with many entrepreneurial clients such as Virgin, Chinawhite, Smirnoff, and eOffice, learning the industry inside out, from concept through to production. Samantha then spent her later days in at large design powerhouse, Linney Design* in Nottingham (Top 20 design agency in the UK*).

At Linney, she worked alongside some of the UK’s biggest brands such as Whitbread, Mothercare, the Post Office, Bupa, Mars, Slimming World, Molson Coors, McDonalds and Triumph. She initiated new business, grew key accounts, led pitches and took the business into new areas of expertise such as commercial interiors, environmental and exhibition design, becoming instrumental in the growth of the business. 

Samantha has been fortunate to work on a wide variety of design projects, disciplines and market sectors over the course of her career, core areas of expertise being design for print, branding, visual identity and environmental design, working both in the UK and internationally.

Collectively, this experience gives Samantha a commercial edge. An ability to be inventive yet deliver with a common sense approach, means although she undertakes projects with creativitiy she balances this against the need to solve a business problem sam@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk 

Kim Oakes
Head of Project Delivery

Kim gets things done at Wavelength. She's got over sixteen years experience delivering a range of marketing projects both in the UK and across continental Europe.

These encompass launching complicated location service technologies through the roll out of pan European marketing propositions. Kim's project management experience spans organisations such as Orange (UK and Group) and Renishaw Group. She holds a BA (Eng) and is PRINCE certified. This means she understands how to dovetail the work we do with our clients' project frameworks.

Outside of work Kim enjoys landscape garden design in addition and running around looking after her young family. She's also a qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist which is useful when Darren's stress levels rise... kim@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk

Shane Busato
Head of Design

Shane manages the creative side of our work. He's got a lot of ideas and knows how to bring them to life off and online.

With over 15 years experience Shane has worked with a variety of clients to make design happen.

He specialises in illustration, user interaction, web site design and visual identity. He holds a BA (Hons) and is currently working towards his MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In his spare time Shane still pursues creative interests. He seeks design inspiration from urban landscapes and can be found spinning a range of deep tech-house and trance at a number of clubs. shane@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk

Amy Millard
Head of Brand Protection

Amy is Wavelength's 'legal eagle'. Once we've developed your brand, concept or product Amy ensures no one can copy it.

Over the past eight years Amy has helped organisations such as Elizabeth Shaw and Constellation Group protect their trade marks around the world.

Amy holds a higher professional diploma in Contact Law as well as qualifications in Intellectual Property Law.

When Amy's not poring over legal documents she's out mountain biking, shouting for Bristol Rugby Club or at home relaxing with her family. amy@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk

Luke Brynley-Jones
Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist

Luke is one of the UK’s most experienced and best-known social media consultants, Luke is a passionate advocate of the “socialisation” of business and the need for online customer engagement. 

Before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Myspace existed, Luke was working with global organisations to enable them to develop thriving online communities and blogs. Having worked with brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke is a recognised authority on how social media is changing the world of business.

Luke has advised likes of Pfizer, British Airways, Orange, YMCA and The Daily Telegraph on social media-related issues and is a regular social media conference host and speaker in the UK, Europe and Asia.




A range of organisations focused on driving their marketing performance. Our team have worked with a number of global, national and local clients in multiple sectors.

BUPA Arabia
Tupperware Brands
IIR Middle East
Elizabeth Shaw
J@pan Inc
Aston University
Sandwell Council
Warwick Manufacturing Group
Elsevier Publishing
Personal Branding at University of Warwick

It  was a pleasure to be invited back to Warwick University to deliver two Personal Branding Masterclasses. Fun, interactive and engaging students from Warwick Manufacturing Group attended Masterclasses that focused on helping students define then use their values when seeking employment.

20th Jul, 2016
Digital Brand Strategy Masterclass – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It was super nice to be back in the tropical heat of Kuala Lumpur to deliver our two-day Digital Brand Strategy Masterclass. This highly interactive workshop helps participants define and then express their brand through digital platforms in focused, relevant and engaging ways.

11th Apr, 2016
Brand Strategy Masterclass (three-day), Singapore

The culinary capital of South East Asia was calling, so we were back in Singapore to deliver our three-day Brand Strategy Masterclass. This deep-dive Brand Strategy Masterclass explored a number of advanced brand issues with a fine bunch of delegates from Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and Bahrain

25th Mar, 2016
Product Launch Marketing for Al Alhi NCB, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We’re carving out something of a niche as services marketing specialists so it was a real pleasure when AlAlhi NCB Bank, one of the Middle East’s leading financial institutions, invited us to work with a select number of their marketing high fliers on product marketing.

6th Feb, 2016
Make Waves

Make Waves

We care about society.
It's important to us.

We try to do our bit in society. We talk at local schools, mentor young professionals and provide marketing workshops free of charge in the local community. This is fairly easy so we try to 'Make Waves'.

'Make Waves' is our social responsibility programme. Through Make Waves we provide one week of our time every year to projects that deliver real social value. No charge. No catch. It's what we want to do. We've been fortunate enough to spend time with the likes of UK Sepsis TrustBusiness In The Community, St Basil's, Common Unity, The Media Trust and The Talent Pool.  We've also worked with Advant-age, Handsworth Hurricanes, Aston Sports Club, Bidgley Power, UrBrum, Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre, The Old Print Works, Miss Macaroon, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, Catalyst Plus Healthcare, Sport 4 Life UK, Sutton Coldfield Asian Society and Birmingham Inner Circle Community Credit Union to name a few.  

If you'd like to be considered for Make Waves please email a one page MS Word document (using 12 point font) outlining how you would use our time for social good. You could even submit a joint proposal with another organisation if that works for you. 

Your proposal needs to outline how you would use the knowledge or skills you obtain from the programme to help society. It's important the benefits continue after we've gone. To help make our choice we have created a panel of industry experts and thought leaders from academia. They'll consider each application on the above criteria.

The deadline for each year's programme is 31st October. We can only contact successful applicants. If you have a project in mind please mail your proposal to makewaves@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk. We'd be happy to hear from you. 



There's always something new happening at Wavelength.


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We like to communicate.

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We're always looking out for creative, ambitious and engaging people at Wavelength Marketing. If you'd like to get involved, we'd like to hear from you, mail you CV and / or portfolio to: careers@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk